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It's a Rough Gig...

It’s a Rough Gig…

We’ve said foWest Palm Beach - 2015 71r a while, and in a couple of posts how blessed we are to do what we do. In fact maybe we’ve come across a little stronger in our sentiment and bragged that we have the best job in the world. Well, then I guess in our minds that’s true. But more importantly, we have the best clients in the world.

This past New Year’s Eve we were invited to photograph a fireworks display in West Palm Beach forWest Palm Beach - 2015 99 one of our oldest clients. Pyro Engineering, is a fireworks company based in Long Island, NY and they do amazing work all over the world. One of the owners has been a friend and client, we figured out over a beer, for over 20 years. And while it had been a few since we’d seen each other, it was nice to stroll down memory lane and delve right back into old jokes. But more importantly, when it comes to our respective crafts, we both take it seriously. They provided an outstanding explosion of color, sound and light for a huge crowd in West Palm Beach, and we provided them with images that they are overjoyed with.

The point is if you create relationships with good people, provide a good product and service, then you too can sit down 20 years later and reminisce over good memories. We would like to thank all of our clients for their business, and would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2016!



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